Revolutionising Auction & Procurement

AucProBid We offer it All.

A Simplified, Robust, Secure and User Friendly cloud-based SaaS Platform.

AucProBid - Commercial Modules

AucProBid is poised to change the way eProcurement and eAuctions are perceived. From creating the Template to generating Insightful Business Analytics - it offers you all.


An exceptional interactive product to host Live Auctions and get the best Bid from anywhere in real-time.


Host the most complex Tenders with simple clicks and cover all the mechanisms of offline events digitally.


A composite module to Evaluate the Suppliers and invite the Quotes and get the Least Bid from Shortlisted Bidders.

100% Whitelabelled Platform

Own your brand and Get ready to Host the events in no time... just like 1, 2 & 3.

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Host Events with AucProBid

We offers you to Host Auction and Procurement events in a seamless manner.

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Security & Integrity is our USP.

Auction Procurement Bidding

A modern outlook that covers all traditional mechanisms

From Creating the Template to generating Insightful Analytics - we offers you all.


Ton of benefits

AucProBid will maximize your time and money

100% Digital Platform

Get rid of all the paperwork and move digital.

Data Integrity

Hash Value for Bid submission always ensure Bid Integrity.


Host Events in No time, and get the Best Bid Seamlessly.

Save Time

Move Online with AucProBid to Save Time and Money.

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Path to Success

  • Easy Event Creation

    Simple Template to create even the most Complex Auction, Tender or Procurement Event, with least Technical Pre-requisite.

  • Real-time Bidding

    Easy to use Bidding Platform, that facilitates the bidders to Submit their Bids and Bidding Documents without any hiccups.

  • Microsoft-backed Analytics and Reporting

    Amazing data Analytics and Reporlting structures to make the most out of your Auctions and Procurement Events.

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